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2023: 10 years of Kurtz Detectives in Germany – an indication of Experience and Quality

In the second largest city of Lower Saxony, Braunschweig (Brunswick), the IHK-certified detectives of the Kurtz Detective Agency investigate on behalf of private persons and companies in various personal and work-related, or prosecutable matters. Investigations that stand up in court and that protect a maximum confidentiality is a given at our private and corporate detective agency in Braunschweig (Brunswick). For a non-binding consultation, give us a call: +49 511 2028 0016.  


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Moments of suspicion in personal matters | Private detective agency Braunschweig (Brunswick)

Having to deal with personal problems in everyday life are surely rather the rule than the exception for the average citizen of Braunschweig (Brunswick). However, when our private investigators take action, they are rarely routine problems but rare and exceptional circumstances for our clients. Some of the most typical reasons why clients approach our private detective agency in Braunschweig (Brunswick) are the suspicion that a partner might be unfaithful, the need for an ex-partner check regarding the ways in which they are treating the child of the separation (negligence of duties and obligations as a custodial parent or guardian) and income research in custody battles. We also investigate in other cases such as a burglary of a building, we locate addresses (for example that of an absconding debtor) and track missing persons (often supported by trailing and tracking dogs). 


Our professional private detectives in Braunschweig (Brunswick) choose their investigation methods according to the circumstances of the respective case and the client's preferences. At the end of our investigation, you receive an investigation report that stands up in court. We will gladly talk to you about your individual matter in a non-binding consultation. Please, make use of our contact form for your request or give us a call at the above-mentioned number.

The iconic Burgplatz square with the Brunswick Lion, the cathedral and the Dankwarderode Castle create a concentration of sights that is unmatched in the rest of Germany.
The iconic Burgplatz square with the Brunswick Lion, the cathedral and the Dankwarderode Castle create a concentration of sights that is unmatched in the rest of Germany.

Corporate investigations of our detectives in Braunschweig

Together with Salzgitter and Wolfsburg, Braunschweig (Brunswick)forms one of nine regional centres in Lower Saxony and together with Hannover, Wolfsburg and Göttingen, it forms the metropolitan region of Hannover which counted more than 3.83 million inhabitants in 2015, out of which 2.78 million were employed, paying for social insurance contributions. This metropolitan region generated a gross domestic product of 133.83 billion Euro in the same year, which is accounted for by the exemplary cooperation between institutions dedicated to research and development, on the one hand, and progressive industries, on the other. Braunschweig (Brunswick), especially, stands out thanks to its innovative research and development in the areas of aviation, automotive engineering, systems biology, pharmaceutics and nanotechnologies. Unfortunately, this is not only of interest to legally sound customers and clients but also to those committing corporate and industrial espionage. Data theft is realised via cyberattacks, by smuggling spies into a company, or via eavesdropping, and it threatens most of all, but not limited to, innovative businesses and institutions. The trained IT specialists, experienced security experts, and seasoned experts for eavesdropping prevention of our detective agency in Braunschweig (Brunswick) support their clients either after a crime has already been committed, or can help with implementing preventive measures in order to prevent any kind of espionage in the first place.


Unfortunately, espionage is only one part of corporate crime. No matter if the field of development, manufacturing or service is concerned – offences directed against businesses appear in all areas. And the offenders are often not even strangers to the company but rather its employees. They commit crimes including warehouse and cargo theft, violation of sick pay, and false claims for wages and expenses. Also pursuing non-approved additional jobs, which is often related to a violation of non-compete clauses, is one of the most common offences committed by an employee. Once employed, our certified corporate detectives in Braunschweig (Brunswick) solve cases like the ones mentioned above, as well as many others, with a strong success quota. We will gladly inform you in a non-binding consultation about possible investigation methods for your individual case and associated expected fees: +49 511 2028 0016.

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*Please note: All operations of Kurtz Investigations Hannover are executed and billed from the address Kampsriede in Hannover, Germany. The other operating cities and regions advertised on this domain are neither local branches nor permanent establishments of the Kurtz Detective Agency, if not explicitly stated differently. We can offer you affordable traveling expense flat-rates nationwide. The same applies for traveling to a wide range of areas abroad. When operating in the countryside, the cost evaluation starts from the next greater city. You can find further information on our fees here, and on operating areas here.