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Below, you will find an example of a case for which the Kurtz Detective Agency in Göttingen monitored an unfaithful suspect:

Case example of our private detective agency: Cheating in Göttingen – focus on the wrong person

Mrs Haste, the client of our detective agency in Göttingen, has been assuming for months that her husband was cheating on her. She suspected her husband's training partner to be the unwanted rival. Not only did Mr Haste spend a suspicious amount of time at the gym, and his wife could not believe that he actually spent it exclusively on his training (when he left the house with his gym bag, he only returned three or four hours later, every day). He also talked in flattering terms of his training partner and was often glued to his phone in the little time that the couple spent together, busy exchanging WhatsApp messages with her. In addition to that, Mrs Hase noticed that her relationship was starting to crumble and the two were merely living next to each other, her husband barely showing any interest in her.


For these reasons, she employed our private detective agency in Göttingen (+49 511 2028 0016) to check on the pretend gym addict in order to find out if he was, indeed, occupying his daily hour-long trips with training.

Muscles just like Schwarzenegger?

Our investigators had their first doubts on the suspect's sports addiction right at the beginning of their surveillance operation. Since the suspect's home was located at the turning bay of a "no through road", the detective team of two waited in another street in order to cover both possible exiting directions without attracting the attention of the residents. From his position, one of ourprivate investigators in Göttingen could see parts of the target's property where Mr Haste was currently moving around a number of objects. It was noticeable that he surely was slim for a man in his mid-forties and he seemed sporty enough, but under no circumstances did he have the figure of a man who lifts weights for 21 hours and more (!) in the gym per week.  In comparison: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the Mr. Olympia contest seven times out of eight attempts (he won second at his first attempt), trained three to five hours a day, six times a week, during his peak times. Of course, long training hours do not translate to mountains of muscles but significant results should still be visible. Those, however, were surely missing which is why our private detective agency in Göttingen was right to assume from this moment that they would also monitor activities other than mere training.


It was no surprise that the target person did not head straight for the gym after leaving the house but to a family home in Bovenden where the target person spent an hour and a half. It was not determinable for our investigators what he was doing there. After that, Mr Haste actually continued to the gym and spent close to three hours there but only a minor percentage of this time exercising. It was possible for our private investigators in Göttingen to gain an insight into his activities. He was mostly chatting with various other gym visitors and trainers, among them the alleged affair, but there were no signs of any physical relationship. The gym seemed to be more of a social gathering place rather than a sports facility. After he left the building, the suspect continued to a street food place where he consumed a kebab, before he returned back home around 10 pm. He had spent a total of six hours away from home. Since Mrs Haste had informed the investigators that her work started at 7 am in the morning, they were able to picture how much time the married couple was spending together and why the client was feeling neglected.

Despite the pretended extensive training, the target person of our detective agency in Göttingen did not at all awake any associations with the Austrian Governor Schwarzenegger.
Despite the pretended extensive training, the target person of our detective agency in Göttingen did not at all awake any associations with the Austrian Governor Schwarzenegger.

Dinner with the alleged affair

On the following day, the target person of our corporate detective agency in Göttingen spent exactly four hours away from home, two out of which at the gym and one more in a travel agency which Mr Haste evidently left with a collection of travel documents. When we asked our client about it, she said she knew nothing about a planned trip and that she had not enough leave left that year to fly internationally.


On the next day, things got exciting. Something that stood out during our first days of observation did not occur on this day and was at the same time confirmed: Mr Haste had left their home on both days just before his wife would return from work. On this day, however, Mrs Haste went to a yoga class after work and she would get back home in the early evening – her husband's departure moved back accordingly, namely until 15 minutes prior to our client's return. Our pretend sportsman did not visit the gym on that day, but he met the suspected partner, nevertheless. For dinner. Our detective team in Göttingen observed how he picked her up at her address and how he drove with her to a restaurant in town. At this point, we believed, of course, that we would be able to convict him but it really seemed to be a purely platonic friendship – if Mr Haste did have any ulterior motives shall be left undecided. The two seemed well-acquainted, sat very closely, but did not touch the whole evening apart from an amicable hug at the end.

Göttingen's detectives at dinner – part 2

On day four, our corporate detectives in Göttingen were again not led to the gym but to an Italian restaurant in Grone where Mr Haste joined an unknown female person at her table. When we showed her picture to our client, she informed us that she knew her; it was an employee at the car dealer's where Mr Haste had purchased his car. She did not know of a private relationship – something wasn't right, infidelity was in the air. Both persons emptied a bottle of wine during dinner and each of them a long drink or cocktail, but there was no exchange of affections. Only when they left the restaurant, they stepped close together and embracing each other they walked to an unknown vehicle which seemed to belong to the female suspect. On the driver's side, they remained standing on the street so that passing vehicles had to drive around the couple, and they hugged and kissed each other for a few minutes, laughing, before they drove together in the woman's vehicle to a close-by private residence, and entered.


When Mr Haste double checked his zip forty-five minutes later upon leaving the house and then continued to stroll to his vehicle, our detective agency in Göttingen – after consulting with the client – needed no more evidence.

Investigation results apparently only the tip of the iceberg

An addition according to a conversation between client and suspect: The adulterer, indeed, did book a holiday for two when Mr Haste visited the travel agent on the second day of our operation, but his travel companion was going to be neither his wife nor the known lover, but yet another affair that he frequented every "now and then". He wanted to make his wife believe that on this trip, he would go to a bodybuilding competition with colleagues from the gym.

Please note

Naturally, all names and locations have been altered beyond recognition.  

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