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Heavenly beaches and an atmosphere of cultural history – the façade of misery | Difficult security situation in Thailand

Thailand counts 67.2 million inhabitants, 8.2 million out of which live in the capital city Bangkok (2016). Thailand is, without doubt, a wonderful holiday destination – Bangkok, Pattaya, and the island Phuket are popular around the world as tourist destinations. The cities offer travellers impressive and magnificent buildings, a picture of a seemingly prosperous country with happy citizens but this is merely part of a public image created for the sake of promoting tourism. As our detective agency in Thailand knows – thanks to the partly delicate experiences of our employed investigators in this country – Thailand is, up until today, a state shaken by military coups, rebels and changing governments. The social gap is huge, the media are subject to strong censorship so that disadvantageous news or even criticism of government cannot get to the outside, and the police, government authorities, and the military are corrupt to an extent that is unimaginable for a European. Around 10 % of private persons and 75 % of businesses state that they are forced to pay bribe and protection money on a frequent basis. In 2009, 150 cases became known where tourists had been wrongly accused of theft and bribed to make certain payments.  


Considering this political and social conflict situation, Thailand is crossed by unsafe areas where investigations employing one single detective for the purpose of self-protection are not imaginable. Persons who are unfamiliar with the country and cities are strongly advised against doing investigations on their own. Our private detective agency for Thailand works together with local investigators who will take action on your behalf – also in unsafe areas:

Khao Phing Kan, the James Bond Island, Phang Nga Province
Khao Phing Kan, the James Bond Island, Phang Nga Province

Sex tourism, human trafficking and forced prostitution – the ugly side of Thailand

Many people assume it is a cliché but it is not: sex tourism in Thailand. First reports on prostitution in Thailand stem from the 15th and 17th century, during the Japanese invasion of Thailand, and later when it had become an American base, prostitution expanded. Until today, prostitution is technically illegal but practically tolerated. Bars, clubs, brothels, and massage parlours in extremely tourist areas offer sex services, oftentimes with minors. The police looks away and gets paid for it. Our professional private detectives for Thailand, however, take a closer look: Is the wanted suspect among the numerous sex tourists? Is a kidnapped child being forced into prostitution? 


In Germany, forced prostitution is considered a crime, § 232 StGB Human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation:


(1) Whosoever exploits another person’s predicament or helplessness arising from being in a foreign country in order to induce them to engage in or continue to engage in prostitution, to engage in exploitative sexual activity with or in the presence of the offender or a third person or to suffer sexual acts on his own person by the offender or a third person shall be liable to imprisonment from six months to ten years. Whosoever induces a person under twenty-one years of age to engage in or continue to engage in prostitution or any of the sexual activity mentioned in the 1st sentence above shall incur the same penalty.


In Thailand, however, it is possible to change the law with money, too.


Yet, women and also children partly prostitute themselves willingly in order to survive, although it remains a question if a choice made under the pressure of death, indeed, is ever a free choice. The money generated from such sexual services is usually spent on food, clothing and shelter. Not only procurers, also families force their own children and street children into prostitution. The children often fled from home – "voluntary" prostitution serves an alternative to being forced into sexual activities. And yet, the majority of sexual activities offered for sale are to be considered as unfree labour. The women are put under pressure and abused, their family threatened, the acquired money is taken away from them or is needed for bribing law enforcement officers. Cases of forced prostitution rarely go public, the dark figure is huge: According to estimates, there are 25 to 30 undiscovered cases per one public case. This topic is of specific significance to our private investigators in Thailand in regard to infidelity cases:

Not all German tourists are only holidaymakers | Surveillance investigators in Thailand

Thailand attracts many Germans once retirement calls, for example, Pattaya hosts around 10,000 German pensioners – that is nearly a tenth of the city's population. It makes sense that Thailand's currently (2016) only German retirement home is located here. The German pension payments allow for a good life in this rather inexpensive country, Thailand. Among the approximately 15 million visitors (2010) that come to Thailand every year, there are only a few who want to settle here. The reality is a different one: When a woman learns that her husband has to go on a "business trip" in Thailand, she probably asks herself automatically, "will he be faithful or will he frequent the cheap local prostitutes?" Pattaya, especially, is one of the sex tourism centres where even innocent travellers are targeted by prostitutes, if not even harassed. In cases like these, a systematic surveillance of the husband or partner executed by our private investigators in Thailand would be a good choice.


The matter becomes even more dramatic when – after a separation, for example, – the ex-partner brings the child or children of the couple to Thailand and even forces them into prostitution. This may not be an everyday case in Germany, and yet it is not too far-fetched. In Thailand, child prostitution is just as common as corruption. Thailand, as well as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, and other Asian countries that are known for child and forced prostitution are in the United Nations, and are thus committed to Article 34 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Unfortunately, for the respective governments, this fact seems to be secondary – but not for our private investigators in Thailand. We cannot save every child in Thailand but we can bring back yours! In case of need, contact us immediately. The sooner we can do our research in the country, the bigger the chance of an imminent returning home.


Also when a person who is subject to alimony or child support payments flees in order to avoid the payment, or in the case of other absconding debtors, the Kurtz Detective Agency is your professional contact. Our qualified corporate detectives for Thailand investigate to trace the suspect and support you to enforce your claims.

By now, Thailand can present modern megacities such as Bangkok, but crime, corruption and violation of the most basic human rights lurk behind the open-minded façade.
By now, Thailand can present modern megacities such as Bangkok, but crime, corruption and violation of the most basic human rights lurk behind the open-minded façade.

From textile trade to manufacturing industry – Corporate detective agency in Thailand

Up until the 20th century, to embroider and weave silk, as well as the craft of Thai ceramic, were important industries but now these crafts are merely practiced for the sake of tradition. Besides the food industry (rice, flour, pineapples, sugarcane, soybeans, and crayfish) and the cultivation of rubber trees for the production of natural rubber, the industries of automotive manufacturing and the manufacturing of vehicle parts, steel production, and electrical and electronics engineering, boost Thailand's export. In 2015, Thailand generated a gross domestic product of 356.06 billion USD, 11.6 % out of which were fetched by agriculture and fishery, and 35.8 % by mining and the manufacturing industry (comparison to Germany's GDP: 3,025 billion Euro which is approximately 9 times as much).


The rapid industrialisation since 1960 has caused immense damage to large areas of forests and waters which is why 60,000 km² of land and 6,000 km² of the sea are now protected in the form of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Despite the industrialisation and many of the circumstances that let Thailand appear in a rather dubious light, the country attracts millions of travellers from Asia and Europe every year, including business people and holidaymakers who come here to relax or for sightseeing. They also include our seasoned corporate detectives, those who are responsible for investigations in Thailand, when a missing person needs to be tracked or a corporate crime investigated. The majority of our clients are Germans, no matter if they live in Germany, in Thailand, or in other countries. Please, send us your request via our contact form or give us a call at +49 511 2028 0016.

Examples for areas of operation of our detectives in Thailand:

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  • Private Investigator for Chao Phraya Surasak (Provinz Chon Buri)
  • Private Investigator for Chiang Mai (Provinz Chiang Mai)
  • Private Investigator for Hat Yai (Provinz Songkhla)
  • Private Investigator for Khon Kaen (Provinz Khon Kaen)
  • Private Investigator for Nakhon Ratchasima (Provinz Nakhon Ratchasima)
  • Private Investigator for Nakhon Si Thammarat (Provinz Nakhon Si Tammarat)
  • Private Investigator for Nonthaburi (Provinz Nonthaburi)
  • Private Investigator for Pak Kret (Provinz Nonthaburi)
  • Private Investigator for Pattaya (Provinz Chon Buri)
  • Private Investigator for Phuket (Provinz Phuket)
  • Private Investigator for Surat Thani (Provinz Surat Thani)
  • Private Investigator for Udon Thani (Provinz Udon Thani)


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