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2023: 10 years of Kurtz Detectives in Germany – an indication of Experience and Quality

Our IHK-certified detectives in Salzgitter investigate on behalf of their clients both in private and corporate cases. These include on the personal range marital infidelity and custody battles, and in the field of corporate investigations data theft, violation of sick leave, false claims for expenses, and numerous other issues: +49 511 2028 0016.

Private investigators in Salzgitter: Surveillance and research work

The urban district city Salzgitter hosts 106,889 inhabitants (June 2017) and creates an idyllic image for the beholder, what with its manor houses, fortresses and castles, but it naturally does not stand up to the everyday life. Private problems lead clients to the Kurtz Detective Agency when, for example, evidence for a partner's infidelity is needed, when a client is in need of income research during a alimony/child support case, or when a custodial parent needs to be monitored because it is to be doubted if they are, in fact, suitable for taking care of their own child. 


Our experienced private detectives also investigate in order to trace absconding debtors or missing persons. In addition to that, we can capture stalkers who our clients see themselves faced with, and we investigate to find evidence for offences against property, such as theft and embezzlement. In every case, our clients receive a written investigation report that stands up in court at the end of the investigation. We will gladly consult you on your individual case. For your request, please make use of our contact form or give the private detective agency in Salzgitter a call at the above-mentioned number.

Corporate detective agency Salzgitter: Solving offences against businesses

The manufacturing industry covers the majority of Salzgitter's economic power, especially the metalworking industry. Not only the world-wide known steel producer Salzgitter AG with its numerous divisions stands out, the city also holds a strong position in the field of automotive manufacturing (Motoren Werke der Volkswagen AG, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Alstom Transport Deutschland). Further, other companies such as Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH, the IKEA Distribution Services GmbH & Co. KG, and the pharmaceutical manufacturer Schaper & Brümmer are settled at this business location. The economic diversity also shows in the numerous medium-sized businesses in the service sector.


Enterprises in all sectors see themselves faced with a number of offences against their valuable legal goods: industrial and corporate espionage committed by national and international competitors, as well as property crimes, such as transport and warehouse theft, burglary, damage of property and sabotage. Especially a company's very own employees can cost the company a lot of money, committing prosecutable crimes, for example, obtaining sick notes under false pretenses, handing in false claims for wages and expenses, or stealing company data for their own use or on behalf of a competitor, and more. Our qualified corporate detectives in Salzgitter find legal prove for these and many other kinds of offences. We will gladly investigate on behalf of your business, too: +49 511 2028 0016.

There may be a range of typical sights worth seeing in Salzgitter but the city was and still is mainly shaped by its steel which has spread the city's name around the world.
There may be a range of typical sights worth seeing in Salzgitter but the city was and still is mainly shaped by its steel which has spread the city's name around the world.

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